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How to fuck with the BNP

  1. The BNP winning European parliament seats means they have a budget to employ staff and various sub-contractors.
  2. These budgets and staff positions are subject to anti-discrimination laws, as they come from public funds.
  3. Watch out for when these positions are advertised. If anyone sees them advertised, chuck the ads about on as many social networks, blogs etc as possible.
  4. Man the Harpoons - If you fall outside of the BNP's discriminatory membership criteria, due to being black, Jewish, whatever, apply. If you are white British and want to help out this plan anyway, just spread the idea about.
  5. When you/they don't get the job, take it to an employment tribunal.
  6. ????
  7. Profit.
  8. Even if you're not especially bothered about taking the BNP to an employment tribunal, spreading this idea about, and forcing them to consider it and raaage over how unfair to the poor ickle racialists it is, it's still funny.

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